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Electric Vehicles Use Hub Motor. Why Is The Central Motor Less Used?
 Jun 11, 2021|View:961

In-wheel motors are motors installed on the rear wheels and wheels of electric vehicles. Brushless motors are usually used. In-wheel motors have a simple structure. They are usually composed of coils, shafts, magnetic steel and housings. The polar magnetic steel sheet generates a huge current magnetic field, which is driven by the current to make the middle shaft rotate rapidly. Due to the simple structure, the failure rate of the hub motor is relatively low. In addition, the kinetic energy conversion rate of the hub motor is currently about 80%.

The structure of the center-mounted motor is much more complicated than that of the hub motor. In addition to the motor, the center-mounted motor also requires the clutch, transmission shaft, transmission chain, transmission, differential, and other components to cooperate to output power to the rear wheels. These components not only do not have The weight of the central motor is reduced, and the large number of parts makes the failure rate much higher. Regular maintenance and maintenance are required, and the modification is difficult!


The center-mounted motor also has its own strong advantages. The center-mounted motor can change speeds and has a good control feeling. At the same time, the torque is large, the acceleration is fast, and the climbing ability is strong. The center-mounted motor's center of gravity is in the middle of the vehicle. For front and rear shock absorption, the load is relatively balanced, and it can complete high-speed corners and other actions. The top speed can reach 100 kilometers per hour. It is a violent motor.

Due to the weight of the in-wheel motor, the rear shock absorbs more pressure during driving. In order to balance the vehicle, a lead-acid battery must be installed under the seat to balance the vehicle. In addition, the inertia generated by the weight of the wheel motor is difficult to be braked by the motor vacuum pump under high speed driving, and it needs to be braked by external force such as a brake disc. Therefore, the wheel motor is not as good as the center motor because of the braking effect of the motor.